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Our Spaces

Warehouses (500/1600 m2)
Shared Workshops
Offices And Shared Spaces
Workrooms in Lisbon

Warehouses between 500 and 1600 m2

Our warehouses have a ceiling height of 7,5m and its ample spans provide for a large usable area.


At pavilion 74 we have individual units to rent, each with its delimitated closed space between 12 and 200 m2. We name them boxes, and each has its own gate, autonomous access and energy meter.

The pavilion is equipped with alarm and can be accessed 24/7. Sulim ensures the maintenance and cleaning of common areas such as bathrooms and accesses.

Shared Workshops

At pavilion 86 FP we have available co-work workshops (from 50 to 120 m2). There, several companies work in their own space in a neighbourly


We have racks for rental.

Offices and Shared Spaces

At pavilion 86K we have rooms, workshops, ateliers and logistic spaces. They are individual spaces that have in common an eating area and bathrooms, both of them maintained and cleaned by Sulim.


We have land to rent.

Workrooms in Lisbon

In Lisbon we have workrooms to be rented separately that are served by common areas like an eating area, bathrooms, waiting rooms and outdoor lounges, all of which kept organized, clean and well-maintained by Sulim.

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